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Do you get confused while shopping for loose diamonds? It is but natural for first time buyers to be overwhelmed by the task of searching for reliable diamond dealers, who sell quality diamonds at reasonable cost. These days however, certified diamonds are available in the market and the buyer’s risk has lessened, thus ensuring quality standards in the diamond industry.

Though despite the certified diamonds, buyers might still get confused while identifying which certification is superior or most reliable. At EGL Loose Diamonds, you do not have to worry about all this, here you will get to know about EGL certification and will certainly help while choosing loose diamonds. Are looking for EGL certified loose diamonds? They are available right here! Explore a treasure of EGL certified diamonds at EGL Loose Diamonds.
EGL Certification

EGL is one of the reputed and standard defining organizations in the diamond industry. EGL refers to the European Gemological Laboratory. It was formed in 1974. Along with GIA, it became the most popular certification in the diamond industry. EGL international and EGL USA has more than 1100 diamond graders, educators and scientist working in their lab. EGL International is located in many countries around the world. EGL certified diamonds are available around the world. The perfect place to shop for EGL Loose Diamonds is EGL loose diamonds wholesale. We offer a wide range of more than 30,000 EGL certified loose diamonds in a variety of color, cut, clarity for you to choose from at the best price alternatives. So, just go through our EGL certified loose diamond collection and find the perfect diamonds for you.

Many buyers do not know the difference between these certifications or are still confused while choosing certified diamonds. These two certifications mainly differ in their grading standards. Besides this, EGL has different standards at different locations. EGL is known for establishing grading techniques for diamonds of less than one carat and introducing rating ‘SI3’ for diamond clarity.

It is beneficial to buy EGL certified diamonds, as you can buy diamonds of the same color and clarity at lesser prices than GIA certified diamonds.
EGL Loose Diamonds
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