4C’s Defining Diamond Pricing

Diamonds! One of the most expensive and precious purchases ever. Naturally, the buyer has to be cautious about the quality and authenticity of the product. Generally, all buyers do not know how to identify or evaluate diamonds and that is why; buyers rely on the trustworthy sources to purchase diamonds. It is essential to get the true value for the money. However, this scenario has been changed these days after emergence of industry standards and authority organizations like EGL and GIA. All buyers can shop diamonds with confidence if they are getting a diamond certificate from these renowned organizations.

What Does A Diamond Certificate Assure?

Diamond certificate offered by worldwide recognized organizations include detailed diamond grading report. This report assesses diamond and provides all information about its 4C’s. The certificate is an acknowledgement of diamond quality you are shopping. Hence, you can shop diamond without hesitation.
EGL Certification

Let’s Explore 4C’s Of A Diamond

The diamond has four main features on which its authenticity, quality and price depend significantly. Obviously, the diamond which has all 4C’s excellent will be more expensive and precious. These 4C’s are –
  • Cut – Every diamond sparkles regardless of its shape because of its cut/ facets. The brilliance and scintillation of a diamond depend on its cut. The angle of cut defines the amount of light to be reflected through it and hence its brilliance.
  • Color – Diamond color shows a wide variety. This color is defined by D-Z color coding.
  • Diamond Certificate (A4) – It gives all details of diamonds including its measurements, proportions, depth, symmetry etc.
  • Clarity – It refers to the flaws or blemishes which can be seen through magnifiers.
  • Carat – Carat of a diamond is related to its weight. The price of diamond increases in proportion to its carat weight.
EGL Certification
EGL certificates are known for accuracy and integrity all around the world. It is one of the organizations defining standards in the evaluation and appraisal of diamonds. EGL has many branches worldwide.

It cooperates with leading organizations like the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and conducts extensive educational programs to protect the public interest as well as enhance the level of professionalism in the diamond industry.
EGL Loose Diamonds
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