Diamond Guide For Buyers

The internet has brought an explosion of information. Nowadays, everyone finds all information at the fingertips. Diamond industry is not behind in offering comprehensive information about diamonds. Today, you need not have in depth knowledge of diamonds / jewelry to shop these valuables. You can choose the certified diamonds which ensure the authenticity of diamonds. However, you can improve your diamond knowledge to some extent and relax about getting true value for your money. The EGL Loose Diamonds store is keen about diamond education for its loyal customers.

You will find answers to all your queries about the 4C’s of diamonds, diamond certification etc. to become eligible to assess the diamonds while purchasing. The diamond certification is a gemological assessment of a diamond with a detailed grading report. So, if you are aware about 4C’s, you can check this report to ensure quality of a diamond.
EGL Certification
EGL Certified

What Does A Diamond Certificate Include?

Whether you shop EGL certified diamond or other certified diamond, generally, its grading report includes various details like cut, color, clarity and carat. Besides this, this report incorporates diamond shape, measurements, symmetry, cut grade, fluorescence, table and depth percentages, polish, graining etc.


Necessity Of Diamond Certification

Today, diamond market is flooded with artificial diamonds. There are various treatments to enhance the color or purity of diamonds. Even diamond dealers/ experts could not identify or detect them without advanced technology equipment. To avoid disappointments or losses, diamond certification helps all buyers to avail what they are paying for. This certification / appraisal is free for all buyers. The certified diamonds assure a fast sale and good returns in future.
Gemology Careers
EGL has been conducting extensive training programs and courses of gemology. Since 1983, EGL had been offering diamond grading courses and now EGL College Of Gemology offers training for all. These courses include –
  • Diamands and Diamond grading
  • Introduction to Tanzanite
  • Polished Diamonds For the retail jeweler
  • Essentials of colored diamonds
There are immense career opportunities in gemology for diamond / jewelry enthusiasts.
EGL Diamond Education
EGL Loose Diamonds store believes that educating its customers about diamond 4C’s and other details is its responsibility and commitment. You will find our educational services which provide all genuine information about diamonds. Even you can resolve your queries from our experts/ consultants.

If you are aware of diamond 4C’s and other details, it becomes easier to understand diamond certificate and grading report. That makes buyers relax while shopping diamonds all time.