EGL certified Loose Diamonds For You

Are you thinking of buying loose diamonds? If yes, EGL Loose Diamonds is the right place to think about. We offer not only a wide range of diamonds but also a wide range of services to our customers. We understand and respect our buyers' concerns. That’s the reason why you can shop for your perfect diamond at EGL certified loose diamonds with peace of mind.

The most common concern of buyers, while shopping for loose diamonds is getting genuine quality diamonds and that too at reasonable prices. EGL Loose Diamonds provides a variety of services to ensure safety for each and every transaction. Diamond certification is a very essential thing to be checked while purchasing a diamond. EGL Loose Diamonds store comes with all certified diamonds to relax you from all worries.
EGL Certification
You can avail diamond reports in different forms as you demand like –
  • Diamond Mini Report – This report provides information like shape, weight, clarity grade, color grade and a plotting diagram.
  • Diamond Full Report – It incorporates fluorescence and proportion information.
  • Diamond Certificate (A4) – It gives all details of diamonds including its measurements, proportions, depth, symmetry etc.
  • Champagne Diamond Mini Report – This report provides less information than full certificate but comes with plotting diagram. The color grade of champagne diamonds follows C1 to C7 coding and all other norms are same.
  • Champagne Diamond Full Report – It is similar to champagne mini report except to add details like fluorescence, symmetry etc.
EGL Certifications
Besides diamond certifications and reports, EGL provides diamond jewelry report. It is specifically devised for set diamond jewelry and includes all information about setting as well as diamonds in the setting. You can avail colored stone report which incorporates grading using ICSL system.

Even EGL offers Tanzanite jewelry report and Tanzanite report. All these certifications and grading reports are established in the view of enhancing secured diamond trading for buyers.
EGL Loose Diamonds
Whether you purchase EGL certified loose diamonds or jewelry, we provide certificate or report for diamond / jewelry. It is a bond of trust and reliability that help buyers to purchase with peace of mind and for us it is our loyalty towards buyers.

The certification assures genuine quality and good returns in case of resale. Experience the secured feel in diamond purchases at EGL Loose Diamonds.